A Decision Strategist Changing Lives Via Knowledge Sharing

A Decision Strategist Changing Lives Via Knowledge SharingDecision making is something really tough as if the decision turns wrong, there will be bad outcomes. It becomes even tougher when the stakes are really high. For example, in a business environment or in a game or even in an emergency situation where the line between success and failure all depends on your one decision! Unfortunately, you have to take decisions every now and then in daily lives. If you feel the decision making process unnerving and you never become sure of the same, it is best to seek the help of a decision strategist or to hear him or her with rapt attention as these professionals are really a pro when it comes to decision making. Annie Duke, former poker champion and now a reputed decision strategist is one among them.

Don’t blame luck

It is the psychology of many people to blame their luck for the bad outcomes in their everyday lives. This attitude is completely wrong and need to be change. You should admit that it was your own wrong decision that has led to bad consequences as when everything is going smooth; you never admit that it is all because of your good luck. You need to feel responsible for all the consequences of your decisions whether good or bad as blaming the luck is only a bad assessment of what went wrong. Instead, Annie Duke always advocates that learning from mistakes is the right way to learn to make the right decisions.

This also applies in understanding that when someone is achieving success which you have not been able to yet achieve is because of his or her right decisions at the right time and not because of the luck factor. People who blame luck or give credit to luck for other’s success are just in an escapism mood which is necessary to leave as it will never led you to the door of success. She understand these truths as her academic background in cognitive psychology and her experience as a poker player for years has enabled her to achieve a sharp observation of human behavior during different situations or under diverse circumstances.

Annie Duke’s profound knowledge and her love of sharing of the same during various corporate events, fundraising events or others have helped till date countless individuals to take right decisions. She has always put emphasis on understanding the significance of decisions that we make as a businessman, home maker, surgeon, army personnel, etc as every decision counts and developing the art of taking right decisions can prove extremely crucial in our life.

She has an amazing ability to speak on a range of diverse topics and to motivate people of diverse backgrounds. Her presentations and talk on corporate culture has helped till date thousands of reputed companies in motivating their employees, avoiding the constant fear of failure from the minds of managers and most importantly showing them the right way of making decisions with a certain degree of responsibility for the bad outcomes if any.